Thursday, July 4, 2013

Research questions and answers for "An investigation on how body postures and classical music affect concentration?"

1. How will the experiment be carried out?

The experiment will be carried out like this: We will complete exercises on an assessment book in different conditions, postures and such similar changes. We will also take the time and compare the quality of the work done. The results will be tabulated onto the blog.

2. How many postures are there?

There are numerous postures and there is no exact number of different postures. When we conduct the experiment, we will use common postures (sitting down, lying down, Etc...) and classical music (Mozart) during the experiment.

3. Are there any current research about the same topic going on?

At the moment we do not know of any other research on this topic. We have searched on the internet and we have not come across any other information on it.

4. Are there any other factors that affects our experiment?

Time of day, lighting, other distractions, etc.

5. What is the best posture for the majority of the people?

Sitting up straight on a chair, not listening to music and have proper lighting when doing work from a place without any distractions nearby or in the location.

6. What equipment do you need?

We will require a stop watch, aconcentration game, a music player, one person to do the assessment books, one person to take the time, one to tabulate the data into the blog.

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